I trace my desire to learn back to the complete and wholesome education I received at home during my early years. My parents always encouraged me to pursue any area of study that I found interesting and this cultivated a love of learning that I continue to indulge in. Of course, for them it meant many sacrifices that went above their call of duty as parents and for that I am truly grateful.

In my late teens, friends and acquaintances would ask me to teach them how do certain skills that I had taught myself. I began by hosting a bi-weekly study group for girls in our family home. The subjects we studied ranged from basic homemaking skills to energetic outdoor activities. If there were subjects the girls and I wanted to learn, we would read every book we could find on the subject and then teach each other how to do it. Not only was this approach effective, it was also fun!

The joy I received from teaching and learning, gradually spilled over into my early adult life and has brought me to this present day. I currently teach a multitude of subjects from Music to Soap-making with the satisfaction of seeing many of my students fast surpassing my own level of expertise. What does the future hold for me? Hopefully a whole lot more learning and teaching and growing. Check back often to see where the path of learning leads me!